We are a Boutique Investment Advisory Firm. We Focus on Direct Investment and Financial Advisory of Early-Stage Indonesian Company

Tectona (also known as – Pohon Jati or Teak Tree) is a tropical plant native in southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia. Tectona has a fragrant smell and particularly valued for its durability and wheater resistance. Famous Indonesian ships were made using Tectona.

Tectona Ventures embodied the noble values of the plant, to carry out the best Indonesian companies into international journey.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced investment and advisory professionals with an excellent education background. Our dynamic and passionate teams have combined +18 years of Investment Banking and Financial Advisory experience, coupled with strong Technology proficiency.


We are located in Jakarta, Indonesia, and London, United Kingdom. Our services combine global network, rigorous finance and technical expertise with local wisdom. Our global investor network spreads over the world, including Europe, Middle East, and ASEAN region